MongoDB Atlas and Serverless Architectures - Tosin Ajayi

June 29, 2017

Tosin Ajayi, Sr. Solutions Architect, MongoDB

With its high utilization granularity and low startup overhead, serverless computing is well suited for bursty/event-driven applications, common with streaming data. But serverless solutions are ephemeral, so persistent data must be handled by an external system.

AWS Lambda is the preeminent offering in the serverless computing field, and although there are several data layer options to pair with it, MongoDB Atlas is full-featured and free from vendor lock-in -- an even more important consideration than usual with such a nascent technology. This session will showcase MongoDB Atlas, AWS Lambda, and Amazon Kinesis Streams in an operational workflow as might be used to consume and process a social application's activity feed. We will cover how to create your Amazon Kinesis Streams for streaming data processing, capturing events, and triggering your AWS Lambda functions, all while using MongoDB Atlas and MongoDB Compass for persistent data storage and real-time streaming data analysis.



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