Save the date for MongoDB World 2017

August 25, 2016

We’re excited to announce that MongoDB World is coming to Chicago next June! Mark your calendars to join us in the city powered by MongoDB. City of Chicago Chief Data Officer Tom Schenk welcomes you to the Windy City:

MongoDB powers the Windy Grid, which is a “Central Nervous System” for the City of Chicago. Using MongoDB, the City of Chicago is able to analyze millions of data points from hundreds of different sources, in real time, helping us improve services, cut costs and create a more livable city. This is one of many MongoDB stories we look forward to sharing in June.

Here are some fun facts about Chicago, and a few reasons to get excited about #MDBW17:

  • Chicago is home to “Sue,” the world’s largest Tyrannosaurus Rex. She still can’t crunch as much data as MongoDB.
  • It’s museum heaven, offering a virtual reality planetarium, Museum of Science and Industry, Natural History Museum, Museum of Surgical Science, and more
  • The city is known for some seriously yummy food, such as deep dish pizza, hot dogs, and Cracker Jack
  • With nearly 3,000 flights a day, there’s no city that’s easier to travel to. There’s even a non-stop flight from Hong Kong.
  • Chicago’s other claims to fame include being home to the longest street, the largest library, the largest marine mammal pavilion, and the world’s largest water filtration plant

We can’t wait to host you in the Windy City. If you have any idea you want to share, complete this short survey. And don’t forget to save the date!

Event Details:

MongoDB World 2017
June 20-21
Hyatt Regency Chicago

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