Jumpstart: BI Connector & Tableau 1 - Ronan Bohan & Vaidy Krishnan

June 29, 2017

Ronan Bohan, Solutions Architect, MongoDB & Vaidy Krishnan

Get started with the BI connector and Tableau in this introductory session. We will give you insight into how you can view your MongoDB data in traditional BI tools and an overview of connecting Tableau with MongoDB. After attending this session, students should be able connect their analytics tool of choice to a MongoDB data store using the BI connector, secure their client connection, and know how to enable authentication. Audience members should be familiar with analytics tools like Tableau to do business analytics, and know how to set up and run analytics in a BI tool. This session will use Tableau as an example.

This is a Jumpstart session, held before the keynotes, designed to give you an overview of MongoDB basics so you can dive into more advanced technical sessions later in the day.


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